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05-Sep-2017 23:04

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My feelings for my close girlfriends and my favorite teachers were certainly not of a sexual nature, but were too intense and deep to put under the “friendship/admiration/adultation” umbrella.

These were people I really liked and enjoyed spending time with and never wanted to let go, these were people who let me be myself and freely speak my mind, these were people who made me feel at home, and I earnestly and desperately wanted to spend more time in their company, talk to them endlessly about everything under the sun, and hold onto them like I’d never let them go.

I’m 21 and a never-been-kissed virgin, and that’s mostly because I haven’t really met the sort of people I can connect to on a very deep, emotional level.

I tend to pick both my fictional and real crushes very carefully – the conventional good looks and charming manners might feel good, but doesn’t really do anything for me.

these kinds of things made us have very little options to choose from and very little exposure to the world outside.

For a very long time, I was confused as to who I was.

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