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05-Nov-2017 11:19

It is understood she paid for her education and Ph D in business administration through the money she won as Miss Pennsylvania 1994, Mrs Pennsylvania 2007 and Mrs American Dream 2007.Dr Snow, who is twice divorced, has also appeared in an infomercial for Divorce Done Appellate Judge Marjorie “Midge” Rendell, announced in an e-mail to friends today that they will be “living separately” now that they have left the Governor’s Mansion in Harrisburg.“Dear friends, we wanted to let you know that we have decided to embark upon this next phase of our lives by living separately,” the e-mail said.Speaking to the Philadelphia Magazine last year, Mr Rendell labelled the accusations as ridiculous.'You know, like a lot of people in politics, I get hit on by women all the time.'There are political groupies just like there are sports groupies,' he said.Responding to jibes that his recent weight loss - 60 pounds since June 2009 - was down to the 'affair', he added: 'I got hit on when I was 260 [pounds] every bit as much as when I'm 200 [pounds].'In the same article Mr Rendell also addressed rumours that he was linked to the same prostitute frequented by former New York governor Eliot Spitzer.“He was the worst-looking Santa Claus I ever saw,” Rendell said.“They put him up on the sled, I guess they must have paid him something, and carted him around.

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Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is to split from his high-powered wife, it was announced today.Last year the Governor shrugged off accusations that he was engaged in an affair with government employee and beauty pageant winner Dr Kirstin Snow.Dr Snow, the state's Director of Commonwealth Media Services, had been pictured with the then governor in public and at official functions.At the time of the Spitzer scandal there was a rumour that the prostitute had another client who was a governor with a high powered wife.'I was hoping that the New York Post would print that it was me,' Rendell said, 'and then I was going to own the New York Post. I have my failings, but she was pretty confident that I didn’t go to a prostitute.'Mr Rendell left the governor's office last month after two terms in the job.

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Prior to that, he was the popular mayor of Philadelphia for eight years.

He is also planning to deliver his annual address to the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia tomorrow.