The trouble with dating a werefox who is cm punk dating in real life

26-May-2017 15:03

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Never let it be said Stiles Stilinski doesn't tempt fate."But I'm on the right side of the border, aren't I? "The man remains unimpressed, flashing a set of gleaming fangs. "Shuffling, Stiles hunched in on himself, shrugging with a hopeful smile that showed no teeth. Give me a trial period; see how much I really don't want to fuck shit up, yeah? "The Alpha eyes him suspiciously, stalking nearer and sniffing the air around him.

Stiles squirms in discomfort at being so close to an Alpha but keeps his gaze averted, reminding himself the wolf have stepped out of his territory to meet him now and it's, sort of, neutral grounds.

His senses are slightly dulled in human skin but not enough to worry him.

He hears the wolf before he smells him; he's clearly calculated which way the wind blows and approached Stiles accordingly.

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Just because he's been allowed in, doesn't mean he can stay, and it most certainly doesn't mean he can get comfortable and lax. The woods flash by as they move further into the territory and Stiles fights the unease of the increasing strength of .

Not that Stiles knew much, not enough to utilize the magic beyond a few tricks.

He couldn't rely on it though, but at least he's good at running.

The world shrinks, the chill of the night air disappears against copper fur, and his senses gains that extra bite of sharpness that gets lost in translation in his more human shape.

Derek eyes him with grumpy interest, like he doesn't want to be interested but is, anyway.

As if Stiles couldn't feel the raw power which confronted him, please. In hopes of, you know, being allowed into your territory without bloodshed.

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