Dating old beer bottles

22-Oct-2017 00:06

Bottle collecting is also an important part of the equation for professionals like archeologists and educators of history.There are hundreds of thousands of innovative and uniquely-designed bottles produced in North America starting in the 1800’s and progressing through the 1950’s which are of interest to collectors.Conversely, a flask found in the dark cobalt color could fetch thousands of dollars.In addition to the rarity of the color in a glass bottle, the condition matters in the valuing of the bottle.Due to the enormous amount of bottle types and designs available, it is impossible to cover every single aspect of the history of bottles.Notably, it is the most sought-after collectibles which are the focus of many collectors.In addition to the physical condition of an antique bottle where value is concerned, other factors influence the worth of glass bottles.

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There are a number of characteristics used to date a bottle.

A visual inspection of characteristics including physical aspects and manufacturing details are used to date the bottle, or at least achieve an estimated year of creation.

May 15, 2017. Reading Craft Beer Shelf Life Codes. First things first, before you try to determine if a beer is still drinkable, you must first know where to find a date on the bottle or can. On bottles, it can be on the label or neck of the bottle. Warning, dates printed onto a bottle are often hard to read. For cans, it is almost.… continue reading »

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