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27-Dec-2017 13:45

How can he claim to have gone on 150 dates in a year when evidence from his own website conclusively proves that he has only documented /tallied less than half of the amount of that many dates in the span of 4 years or more!As of early 2015 at last count (at the time of this writing) his website lists that he has been on a total of 74 dates out of the 150 goal.It is true that no where did the owner actually disclose his age, therefore my allegations of the owner being deceptive about his age is without merit or factual basis.It is also correct that there is no evidence of the owner actually claiming that he completed all 150 dates.Yet Internet Archives () proves that he hasn’t updated his website since early 2011 (roughly four years ago!

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Even if he graduated at the age of 21 and started working immediately on multibillion dollar projects, that would still mean that he would be close to the age of 30 by the time he quit his engineering job and first entered the PUA world, and yet evidence recovered from Internet Archives of his website indicate that he had been in the dating business since way back in 2008, and that means we can reasonably infer that by the time of this writing (2015) his website edatingdoc would have existed already for approximately 7 years or more, making him at least 36 years old (and that is being very conservative; he is probably significantly older and likely in his early to mid 40s). If he is married then why is he still in the dating business and going on 150 dates a year with all different sorts of women? In comparison, after David De Angelo of Double Your Dating got married, he quit the business and no longer gets actively involved in PUA.He has never been on 150 dates in any one single year.Once again the evidence his proven him to be a liar and a fraud beyond any reasonable doubt, on his website he makes the misrepresentation and intentionally gives off the fraudulent misimpression of going on 150 dates in one single year.For example, David De Angelo (real name Eben Pagan) used a penname or pseudo name too, but he never lied to anyone about it!

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