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28-Feb-2018 16:18

This code provides practical guidance for people who have duties under the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations to manage risks to health and safety.

There is an additional code that provides practical guidance on Work Health and Safety Consultation obligations.

It is important for the guard to use conventional signals and movements in order to be understood and seen by the drivers.

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A security guard may be called upon to control traffic on private property at gated entrances to buildings or in parking lots, to ensure traffic safety and to assist in the movement of vehicles.Important Note: In this section a number of activities are discussed which are generally accepted as good practices for someone working as a security guard.Practices may vary from one security company to the next so in addition to understanding the requirements of the legislation and regulations it is important the security guard is also familiar with the policies of their employer and not to rely solely on subjects covered in this guide or the ministry syllabus.Security should follow these instructions carefully. The guard should comply with the rules of access and protocols which should be provided by the security guard’s supervisor when introducing employees to a new site.