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25-Jul-2017 21:24

I am not a licensed director, but have worked for numerous SCI funeral homes in Houston for the past 25 years as an assistant director. It is wonderful to be able to see what their weather is -- somehow it makes them seem a little closer! I stumbled on your web cam when looking for a picture of St. My grandparents were married there in 1888 and I was hoping to see it. When we see all the snow, it convinces us we did the right thing in building here last year. Although the church itself has been torn down, the rectory remains.

I love the business and do plan to get my license before it's my time to go. Norm in San Antonio, Texas The snow is especially beautiful looking at it from Florida! Such a wonderful find, to see my home town any time that night vision is awesome! England Thank you for giving me a window on Lowell, I miss my home town and look forward to getting back there soon. Work took my hubby and I away from Lowell many years ago. Sadly, as I read the comments posted, I learned it is no longer standing. Very nice to meet you folks, America is a beautiful country and the people are so very friendly, I look in on you from Koln, Germany and remember a pleasant time at my Aunt's home, I shall visit again and enjoy your lovely music at the Boarding House Park. Although I've lived in Northern California for forty years, I grew up in Lowell. It's nice to see it still standing there in the distance on your webcam.

Thanks, and best wishes, Houston, Texas Love your webcam, I am very greatful for your services with my mom, I felt so much like I never left Lowell nice at home feeling. Karen P in Hill City, South Dakota Thank you for taking the time and effort to set up two webcams showing the weather conditions in Lowell. I am most impressed with the way you built up the old mills and brought out the history of Lowell. Sam in Key West, Florida Foliage is beautiful thanks for all the spactacular colors Cecile, Cocoa Beach, FL From distant California, I'm enjoying the 'ever changing' views from the new cameras. I said hi and I have a beautiful 1 year old baby boy named Kevin Anthony! My family has passed but my friends back home are dear to me.

I have a son in school at UMASS - Lowell and I live on the Vineyard. Here in Montana I am at the foot of the Rockies but the White Mountains will always be the most beautiful to me. Thanks: your webcam enables me to get some taste of the place where my good internet friend Judy lives. Did not seem to take long for your parking lot to get covered. Seeing the shot of the old Keith Acadmey next to the tall smokestack with HOOD emblazoned on it brings back memories.

From its highest peak, the Mytikas, at an altitude of about 2.918 meters, we can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the gulf.

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Like if a person walks into the room, or if someone’s head appears in frame.

Using your webcams I can see the conditions with which he is dealing on a daily basis (and then check the school's website to see if classes are canceled). Jack - Helena, Montana I am so glad I found this site. As a child growing up in Lowell, I thought HOOD's was only a small local company.

I live in North Carolina but I lived in Lowell for 42 yrs. You might find it interesting to know that now, it is so large, HOOD has now bought up Crystal Creamery, formerly one of the largest providers of dairy products way out here in Sacramento, California!

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Mount Olympus (Ὄλυμπος) is the highest mountain in Greece also known in Greek mythology as the "home" of the twelve Olympian gods.Authorities were able to find and arrest the suspects thanks to the clip.” – Lisa P., New Jersey (April 2016) “Because of the Nest Cam clip, the police were able to positively identify the criminals.All four burglars have been caught and identified.” – A.Obituaries Videos Florists Service Options Common Questions Funeral Arrangements Location / Directions Email A Condolence Our Favorite Links Contact Us Facility History About us Staff John L. I was wondering if you could tell me what the buildings are that are in view this afternoon for both cams. We have a lot of laughs, she has no idea how I know what it looks like up there.

I really enjoy checking out your live cams. I was wondering if you could tell me what the buildings are that are in view this afternoon for both cams. Your street cam seems to always show the building on the corner, and the roof cam occasionally changes. I also want to say, that I am very impressed with your funeral home.… continue reading »

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