Easy webbsite updating

13-Aug-2017 14:24

Then when you launch the new site, the new content will have no value because it will be duplicate.

A site can be noindexed in two ways by your developers. If you have Word Press, for example, you simply check the box that reads: of every page: 2 – Your second option is to block the site in the file.

Filter the Level first so it shows "smallest to largest", then locate the following columns on this spreadsheet: Highlight all the data in these three columns and copy them into your test site spreadsheet onto the Page Titles Sheet in the empty columns.

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If some of yours have number 2 next to them, then you have several of these. I’ve told you how to test the data, but not what to do with all those crawls.Now that we’ve done all the crawls, we need to open up the XLS spreadsheet called "Final Crawled Test Site" from Screaming Frog. First, delete the row across the top named "Internal HTML".Then do the same for number "2," if this is a blank row.The first thing any SEO thinks when a client says "I'm redesigning my website" is what impact will this have on all my work?

In these events, often the client doesn't even consider telling their online marketing agency about the redesign until two days before launch.Now that you have the test site’s Page Titles next to the current site’s Page Titles, you can highlight the duplicates. You’ll need to manually move things around and get them in the right place.Highlight both Title 1 columns and go to Conditional Formatting Duplicate Values. I go about this by looking at the Page Title 1 closest to the left, (the one from the test site) then copy the text.You can manually insert the code if you have access to the header file by implementing the noindex, follow code as above.