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Thus, the Court issued a series of structural remedies.

In decision 760, the Court clearly distinguishes between the legal issues and orders rendered regarding the 22 particular cases and the general system-wide flaws.

actions caused by situations that disregard the constitutional right to health in Colombia; Synthesis of the Colombian case law on the right to health; Court orders to correct structural failures in the Colombian public health system; Declaration of the right to health as a fundamental right; Access to quality and prompt sanitary services guaranteed by the right to a constitutional actions introduced by the Colombian Constitution of 1991, by virtue of which any citizen may directly request any judge in the country to protect his or her fundamental rights when they are being violated by a state agent or an individual to which the person is subordinated, and when there is no other legal action that can effectively be used to prevent the right violation from continuing.

Judges must decide within a short period of time (ten days).

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From a theoretical perspective, the Court is innovative in that the general orders are more similar to public policies than to standard Court holdings; these even include follow up mechanisms.

The Court also reaffirmed the right to health as fundamental and examined the international legal obligations of the State regarding the right to health, especially General Comment No.