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The elder, James Doyle, wrote "The Chronicles of England," illustrated with coloured pictures by himself—examples of colour-printing which beat any subsequent work that I have ever seen.

He also spent thirteen years in doing "The Official Baronage of England," a wonderful monument of industry and learning.

By this alliance we all connect up (and I have every generation by name, as marked out by my dear mother) with that illustrious line up to three separate marriages with the Plantagenets.

One has, therefore, some strange strains in one's blood which are noble in origin and, one can but hope, are noble in tendency.

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Finally I have been constrained to devote my latter years to telling the world the final result of thirty-six years' study of the occult, and in endeavouring to make it realize the overwhelming importance of the question. B."—Four Remarkable Brothers—My Mother's Family Tree—An Unrecognized Genius—My First Knockout—Thackeray—The Fenians—Early Reading—My First Story.

The original Doyle, or D'Oil, was a cadet-branch of the Staffordshire Doyles, which has produced Sir Francis Hastings Doyle and many other distinguished men.

This cadet shared in the invasion of Ireland and was granted estates in County Wexford, where a great clan rose of dependants, illegitimate children and others, all taking the feudal lord's name, just as the de Burghs founded the clan of Burke.

This was a new idea, but it has been followed by most caricaturists since and so has become familiar.

There were no comic papers in those days, and the weekly cartoon of "H. He exerted, I am told, quite an influence upon politics, and was on terms of intimacy with many of the leading men of the day.I have had a long literary career after a medical training which gave me the M. I have travelled as Doctor to a whaler for seven months in the Arctic and afterwards in the West Coast of Africa.I have seen something of three wars, the Soudanese, the South African and the German.The Packs were a fighting family, as was but right since they were descended in a straight line from a major in Cromwell's army who settled in Ireland.

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