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19-Oct-2017 23:08

It's reminiscent of a black-and-white pirate flag and, for some, it conjures up similar feelings of death, destruction, outlaws and violence.

Here is our quick explanation of the symbolism of the flag and the meaning of its Arabic phrases.

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Three years ago in 2014 there was a similar but less serious confrontation between Qatar and its neighbours, who accused it of interference in their internal affairs.The BBC's Lyse Doucet is the first journalist allowed inside the hotel. From a Yemeni missile attack to the resignation of Lebanon's prime minister, the "Cold War" between Middle East rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran has been heating up.Saad Hariri, who became Lebanon's prime minister less than a year ago, sparked a national crisis when he resigned on Nov. Experts believe the risk of a direct military clash is low, but why have tensions escalated now and how will the crisis evolve?Under Mr Trump, the degree of protection it can expect from the US is uncertain and Prince Mohammed bin Salman, eager to secure his own path to the Saudi throne, cannot afford a failure.

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He may even want to go the limit and eliminate Qatar as an independent state, the first time this has happened in the Gulf since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990.

The answer is that the Trump wrecking ball passed through the region last month and the US President’s unreserved backing for Saudi Arabia, and in particularly for deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has disturbed the regional balance of forces.

Surrender.43. These days, Dr. Fagih interacts with his followers in Saudi Arabia via live. Internet chat sessions. He delivers audible cyber lectures twice a week from his home in London. Hundreds of people in Saudi Arabia log on and ask him questions about his organization and its political bent. MIRA's chat rooms have.… continue reading »

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Sep 28, 2016. Saudi Arabia has arrested a teenage boy on charges of “unethical behaviour” after appearing in online video chats with an American vlogger. The videos were originally shown live on the social streaming site but have since been broadcast on YouTube, receiving hundreds of thousands of views.… continue reading »

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Apr 7, 2017. Stange facts of saudi arabWomen's Rights in Saudi Arabiaسعودیہ میں عورتوں کا کردار - Duration. Mysterious World Urdu 4,241,299 views · · Saudi girls very fanny irfan kuraishi - Duration. Irfan kuraishi 1,194,891 views ·. Saudi Arab imo video call, Plz Subscribe Top Ten Video 182.… continue reading »

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Jun 5, 2017. Qatar is unexpectedly under siege from its neighbours. Led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, supported by Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen, the five Arab states have cut diplomatic relations with Qatar, severed land, air and sea travel and are expelling Qatari citizens who have 48 hours to depart.… continue reading »

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May 23, 2013. I'm a 20 something college student in Riyadh, I'm fairly liberal in my views being non religious, pro-gay, and strong minded "for a woman". I know what sexism is, I live it. I have to take the back door almost everywhere I go beca.… continue reading »

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Saudi Arabia announced $1.5 billion in new aid for Yemen this week, a move it says is aimed at alleviating the country's humanitarian crisis nearly three years into a Saudi-led military campaign there. But critics, among them a number of Yemenis, have questioned the motives behind the donation, given the Saudis' own role.… continue reading »

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