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The family was steadily growing: the "Otomatic", first reel ever with fully automatic bail release, was born in 1955. The "fast retrieve" version (ratio 5/1) of the "300" was baptised "Rapid" in 1956.

It was also in 1955 that the 10.000th packing case of reels ready for export to the U. In April 1957 a decision was reached to add a number to the name of each existing model.

The Browning Company became distributor of the Mitchell brand in Northern America and a major shareholder.

By 1983, with only four years of involvement with Mitchell, Browning relinquished its control and was no longer involved with Mitchell.

He wanted to innovate and rebuild the whole company with respect for the tradition.

From 1984 to 1990 Mitchell of France created a new controlling entity for their North American distribution called Mitchell Sports USA.

Mitchell Sports USA was part of Mitchell of France and a major shareholder in the Mitchell corporation.

The CAP-reel, already in existence for a number of years, made by Carpano & Pons, became part of the Mitchell family.

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It was known as the "Mitchell Cap", also called "Cap 54" which also represented the year Free-Trade status was granted in the US.The first "low budget" model, the "320", was marketed in 1965.Mitchells automatic fly reel "710", was born in 1967 and the first conventional fly reel "752" in 1971.Lon Carpano and Charles Pons, astonished as they were by the success of their first models, soon decided to design and to market a left-hand version of this reel; (approximately 1953).