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Carrie Preston is represented by Innovative Artists and Sanders/Armstrong/Caserta Management.

Robert Knepper is represented by Innovative Artists and Link Entertainment.

“They have collaborated with us to gather a top-tier director and cast; allowing us to bring a real depth and sophistication to these characters and this story.

Alcala is a harrowing figure and we are confident the ID audience will be fully engaged with Alcala’s story and those of the investigators and mother of one of the victims who helped finally bring Alcala to justice.” DATING GAME KILLER is produced for Investigation Discovery by Thinkfactory Media with Peter Medak (“Romeo is Bleeding,” “The Krays”) as director and Martin Hunter (“Full Metal Jacket”) as editor, from a script by Leslie Greif & Darrell Fetty.

It's not rocket science to figure out everything that's going to unfold over the course of too long running time.

Through parallel storylines, DATING GAME KILLER charts Alcala’s reign of terror alongside the gut-wrenching journey of Carol Jensen (Emmy winner Carrie Preston, “The Good Wife,” “True Blood”) as she seeks justice for her murdered daughter. You're either an Adam Sandler fan or you're not.I am an Adam Sandler fan, though I'll confess it's been a bit challenging as of late to fully embrace a guy who seems to have been desperately struggling to figure out how to handle his cinematic life now that he's reached an age where his juvenile schoolboy routine of years past would come off more as creepy than comical.There will be moments of absolutely juvenile humor often either immediately preceded or followed by brief heartwarming moments.

You will get ridiculously inappropriate scenes followed by heartwarming explanations for those scenes.

About Guillermo Diaz Guillermo Diaz currently stars as Huck on the ABC hit series “Scandal.” Diaz became a household name after starring as “Scarface” in the cult classic film “Half Baked” opposite Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer.