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Marks & Spencer also sold food in the sixties, though it was considered expensive by some.

Some names from the past were Mac Fisheries and Fine Fare.

These are some of the most popular gadgets Cameras were also popular.

Large numbers of people still used a box camera or Kodak Brownie in the sixties.

The other most popular camera was the Kodak Instamatic. Electrical gadgets were still considered luxuries by many and people had to save to buy things in the sixties rather than have them on credit.

In the kitchen, most people had a washing machine, but it was more likely to be a twin tub than an automatic. "I married in 1964 and had two children by mid '67.

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We did have a small refrigerator passed on by others (Astral).Most people in our survey went to Burton's or John Collier. I can't remember the name of the first boutique to open which was in Waterloo St around 1965/6.I was given a stripped watch strap for being their first customer.It was often considered expensive or requiring specialised knowledge to choose. Generally I think that there was a lot less money to spend on alcohol than there is today.