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26-Jul-2017 04:50

These findings hint a significant cultural shift, given that our data comes from thousands of men of different age profiles across India,” Vimoha Bagla, head of content at Truly Madly, said.Surprisingly, 90% men like it when women make the first move.More often than not, an ‘average Indian guy’ approaching a girl won’t end up well. At a stage where the mind is the most impressionable, boys and girls are separated.But that same girl would be flattered if a foreigner offers to buy her a drink in the streets of London, or say, Paris? Remember how, back in school, guys had lunch with only guys, and girls with girls?It is okay to pass comments on her, discuss her with their friends, see her only for her heaving bosom and swaying hips.Of course, a man who sees her as a trophy wouldn’t respect a simple ‘No’.Giving an insight into what is popular with most men in India between the age group of 18-30 years, app Truly Madly shares a few pointers that could prove to be useful.

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Also, 64% men said they do not judge women on their selfies and 67% men find bad breath as their biggest turn off.

There’s no statement that applies to all of us, never can be.

I assume (and hope) you carry that sensibility on your own while reading this piece.

The concept of consent and respecting someone’s choice wouldn’t occur to him.

He would either persuade her till she blocks him on social media, or follow her till she changes her route.

Over 6,450 men across India participated in the survey, which was conducted earlier this month.“It’s delightful to see how Indian men are emphatically stating their preference to date girls who are bold and self-assured.

Dating an Indian man has its challenges; there are even more challenges when you come from a different cultural background than him.… continue reading »

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Oct 9, 2014. They are clueless about dating- This one is especially true. Indian men have no idea what makes a girl tick. They try stupid dialogues and one liners generally inspired by Bollywood which are horrendous and then get frustrated when they don't work. No one ever told them how to talk to a girl and just basic dating etiquette in.… continue reading »

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