Can you get fired for dating someone at work

04-Apr-2017 20:23

And for what it’s worth, I get how annoying this can be.

I take my time alone very, very seriously, and I don’t like it being encroached on either.

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Investing in your relationship with your boss is hugely valuable — plenty of business gets done at lunches with managers, in ways that you might never predict, and opportunities to talk with your boss informally often come with opportunities for feedback, mentoring, and overall insight into your company’s work that will be enormously useful to you.I’m seeking advice on how to apologize to several senior leaders in my company for my irresponsible and offensive drunken behavior at a recent work event.I had attended this event twice prior and had no such issues.This year, I put myself in a situation in which I should have stopped drinking at a certain point and did not.