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During the experiments, the change in color of the catechol was observed to take place.

In addition, the graphical analysis done on the numerical results obtained from the experiment brought out the expected outcomes from such an experiment. A five-milliliter reaction mixture containing each of the named chemicals was prepared in a test tube.

The data was then used to carry out various analyses in graphical means as shown in the diagrams following the table of results.. The equation and the RTable 2: Rate of melanin production for each sample of substrate concentration: This is the information that was then used to plot the plot of melanin production level against concentration as shown in figure rate of melanin production could have been affected by factors other than catechol oxidase activity, such as the intracellular organization, p H concentration and temperature.

Then, the absorbance was measured by the While doing the precise measurements, the potato extract was added in the mixture last and the recording of time stated at that instance.

The readings of the absorbance of each tube were then recorded for increasing time intervals up to the 20-minute mark.

The mixture was mixed rapidly as it was poured into a cuvette.

The timer was started as soon as the substrate and the enzyme were both present in the mixture.

This is also an experimental error since reaction rates should increase progressively with increase in substrate concentration.

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