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For example, using an emotional categorization task and ERP technique, Kisley et al. International Affective Picture System (IAPS): Technical Manual and Affective Ratings.

(2007) observed age-related reductions in neural reactivity to negative pictures, but little age-related changes in neural reactivity to positive pictures. Bethesda, MD: NIMH Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention.

By contrast, old adults displayed larger LPP amplitudes for HP and MP relative to neutral stimuli, while these effects were absent for young adults.

In addition, old adults reported more frequent perception of positive stimuli and less frequent perception of negative stimuli than young adults. doi: 10.3758/CABN.8.2.153 Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Leclerc, M.

The post-experiment stimulus assessment showed more positive ratings of Neutral and MP stimuli, and reduced arousal ratings of HN stimuli in old compared to young adults.

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(2006) found that aging was associated with enhanced medial prefrontal activation for fearful faces and smaller activation for happy faces.

The implications of these results to the aging-related enhancement of positive affects were discussed.

Jun 29, 2007. 33 Name of priority country. U. S. A. 86 International Application No. Filing Date. PCT/US02/31308. 30/09/2002. 87 International Publication No. WO. 03/028650A3. 61 Patent of Addition to Application Number. 2TSUNG-YEH HUANG. 3MING-JIUN YAN. 57 Abstract A water-cooled motorcycle.… continue reading »

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