Press escort website with pay per view video chat

14-Jun-2017 16:17

Once the ticket expires they would need to re purchase the ticket.Start charging your viewers on a subscription based model with the recurring pay-per-view payments option.

You can upload and set pay-per-view on your own videos and embed them on your website or social media the same way as we are showcasing it here. Try to play the showcase video and go through the checkout process to understand it, since the same process will be for your potential buyers.Streaming Video Provider helps you manage, monetize, protect, publish and deliver your premium video content, straight from your website, blog or social network, to your viewers worldwide, any-time, on any device.Enjoy full control over ticket pricing, payment terms, renting options etc., plus all payments are sent directly and immediately into your Pay Pal account or another payment processor of your choice.We value our customers and as such we don't charge any commissions on Pay-Per-View sales.