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12-Jul-2017 14:50

He constantly tricks his enemies and out smarts them. If you see your partners helmet being the only thing left after dangerous adventure, it is not bad logic to conclude to. His fighting style is basic sword swings and Shovel Drops is rather straightforward aerial attack.Even his Relics have straightforward functionality. So, Shovel Knight is not stupid, he is just basic straightforward guy.Which makes Scrooge being smarter trickier opponent an advantage for Scrooge. Partially it explains that Scrooge has had a lot of experience, but at the same time knights Scrooge fought before were not anywhere close to Shovel Knight.Except the Duck Comics Black Knight, that had Omnisolve™ armor, who he had to trick to beat him.

There is a separate feat of Scrooge touching lava with his feet’s and only getting minor burns, which compared to gameplay SK instantly kills him. Now this is Death Battle getting the right thing for wrong reasons. You don’t get to be richest fictional being by being lucky. But Death Battle here assumed Shovel Knight is dumb because he thought Shield Knight just died. It wasn’t a dumb thing to think about, but rather straightforward.

Other places that seem to agree with this notion is You Tube(lol) and Space Battles Forum.

Now, places like Death Battle Forums & Outskirts Battledome(at Naruto FUCKING HATE this fight and disagree to the heaviest degrees. Of course, in usual VS matches no one usually gives characters their bare essentials and usually gives them some less often used powers and equipment.

So, everything he does is a one-time thing in a single game. While IMO DB had decent enough result, there were things wrong with this episode.

Technically this doesn’t affect anything but complaining about Scrooge having some of his one-time things is bit weird in this case. While it shouldn’t affect the end of results, I feel like I need to point out mistakes made in the video: The so so common mistake in Death Battles.

Some episodes are so universally hated or loved, but this one matchup has such a different opinion it is unbelievable. The biggest thing they had for him was the ripping of steam boat and throwing a coin across river and rowed a boat to catch it. The Burglar Stunner that pierces steel titanium should absolutely pierce SK’s armor, as besides Golden Ornament armor it isn’t specified what it is made of, so why should it automatically be unbreakable.