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Paid scholarships allowing 37 women to study for degrees in law, economics, and business at the Gawharshad Institute of Higher Education. Continuing support for 7 girls from poor families attending the Heela Model School in Jalalabad.

Supporting the charity Concern to improve standards in rural schools in the Takhar region.

Scholarships for seven female students to continue studying medicine at university.

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Paid for the ‘last brick in the wall’ required to finance the 2017 Afghanistan National Juggling Championship, with Festival events and shows in 5 Regions.We hope that the type of projects we fund demonstrate cultural sensitivity and provide employment for Afghan people wherever possible Around 40% of Afghanistan’s population is under the age of 14 and one in 5 adult women have been widowed, which is why the Foundation chooses projects that will benefit the women and children who have been affected by decades of conflict.As a small charity, we aim to spend your donations on small or medium sized projects where we can monitor the impact and ensure that the money gets through intact to the intended targets.An Emergency Fund, managed by Women for Afghan Women based in Kabul, to pay for surgery and the ongoing care of women and girls following the most extreme forms of violence and sexual abuse.

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