Dating when not sexually attracted

30-Jan-2018 18:38

You need to be with someone who will be attracted to you whether you weigh 120 pounds or 250 pounds.And to "cowboy" you're obviously all about looks and nothing else.Bottom line is tho, he told you he is not attracted to you.

I want to be able to walk up and slip under their arm comfortably, and not to be staring at their chest :)Its OK to have a personal preference...

But in the dating realm, you'll see guys 6" taller than the girl all the time. -- things one Can control that many others won't (so much).

You'll never really see the opposite where the guy is even 4" shorter than the gal (he's 5'6", she's 5'10"), when they're both in the same 'league' of looks. The downside is, of course, is the same as the bright side. No people should ignore the Fact that height Can mean a Lot -- a deal breaker even if all other things are just good & dandy. However, a guy's lack of height can also motivate him to eliminate other things he Can control -- which will soften that blow, while at the same time, make him a better person. Many of us don't spend the majority of our waking hours in a horizontal position.

I look for "the whole package" and a major part of that package is her personality.

I think that a good personality (I like one that includes stuff like honest, compassionate, meek when appropriate and a fireball when needed) is key for the relationship to work.

One would be an idiot to expect that a guy who's 5'5" has roughly just as much a chance with a gal who's 5'9" as a guy who's 6'0". :) It takes attraction to want someone in that horizontal position.

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