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” There are plenty of places always to go, but it’s a risk and a challenge.

TVLINE | But on a level, were you and Robin interested to ask the question, “What do these two people really mean to each other after all these years?

And I think it has to feel like it’s authentically private for it to be legitimate. From the very beginning, I remember the TCA [press tour] and Paley Fest [panel during] the first season, it was like, “Will they or wont they? [] Life is not that complicated or dark – though I wish I had come up with that before. HELLER | Oh, I’ll go first then – “11.” Listen, this last one was written and designed to be a suitable big, happy romantic send-off for the series if that what happens — but it also opens a new chapter if that is not the case. I think we’ve done our best and it’s up to the audience to decide how well it’s done.

PHOTOS | Finale First Look: Will Jane and Lisbon Literally Ride Off Into the Sunset? ” And my answer – “I have no idea” — was an honest one. [Simon and I] could have grown angry at each other or hated each other, but I grew so fond of him as a human being that the idea of where that was going was so easy to play, because I really enjoyed going to work with him. That’s the great thing about television, is you have the chance to experience things in real time, over six years. TVLINE | How satisfying will the finale be if it turns out to be the series’ very final episode? BAKER | We’re in the popularist business with , it’s a show that has had a very consistent audience for six years, and it’s all about pulling our audience in directions where we challenge them a bit.

You could interpret it a lot of different ways, but I knew what I was playing. " data-medium-file=" w=199" data-large-file=" w=239" class="alignright size-full wp-image-514704" src=" w=239&h=360" alt="Blue Bird" width="239" height="360" srcset=" They’re always pushing for more and better, more interesting and fresh and original.

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TUNNEY | I think she’s just dying for [Jane] to declare himself — and she’s really worried that he won’t.

ROBIN TUNNEY | I also think the show has always been something more than just a straight procedural.

May 9, 2014. Bruno Heller, along with leads Simon Baker and Robin Tunney, spoke with TVLine to survey the season-ending arc centered on Lisbon's D. C. debate. TVLINE Bruno, I understand that it was always the show's intent to get to this place with Jane and Lisbon at the end of this season, even dating back to.… continue reading »

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Feb 13, 2016. Simon Baker rocks a scruffy look while catching waves at Bronte Beach on Thursday February 11 in Sydney, Australia. The 46-year-old. Simon Baker Begins Work on 'Breath' at Bronte Beach in Sydney. Simon. We made 151 hours of TV and it's sort of the speed dating of film production. You have to.… continue reading »

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Jul 4, 2015. Simon Baker's star status in Hollywood has taken a back seat to a new Australian-based project that seems as natural as sun-bleached hair and sand between the toes.… continue reading »

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Apr 20, 2014. He is said to be the highest-paid actor on American television and last year he was given a spot on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, but Simon Baker's biggest achievement is his family.… continue reading »

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