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25-Feb-2017 07:31

These are expected to have low buoyancy-based mobility due to their very low density contrast with water and high viscosity.

Due to the inherent uncertainties, significant conservatisms were adopted within the numerical modelling approach, including: the simulation of a deliberately high organic material — PVC content wastestream (2D03) within an annular grouted waste package vulnerable to LNAPL release; upper bound inventory estimates of LNAPLs; incorporating the lack of any hydraulic resistance of the package vent; the lack of any degradation of dissolved LNAPL; and, significantly, the small threshold displacement pressure assumed at which LNAPL is able to enter initially water-saturated pores.

Our review and numerical modelling support the proposition that the release of a discrete free phase LNAPL from ILW would not present a significant challenge to the safety case even with conservative approximations.

‘As-disposed’ LNAPL emplaced with the waste is not expected to pose a significant issue.

If you have looked at a periodic table, you may have noticed that the atomic mass of an element is rarely an even number. If you are an atom with an extra electron, it's no big deal.

As you learn more about chemistry, you will probably hear about carbon-14. C-14 is considered an isotope of the element carbon.

Initial scoping calculations on the latter suggested that the rate at which LNAPL is able to migrate from a waste package is likely to be very small and insignificant for likely representative displacement pressure data: this represents a key result.

Adopting a conservative displacement pressure, however, allowed the effect of other features and processes in the system to be assessed.

Since you never really know which carbon atom you are using in calculations, you should use the average mass of an atom.

‘Secondary LNAPL’ generated in situ within the disposed ILW, arising from the decomposition of plastics, in particular PVC (polyvinyl chloride), could form the predominant LNAPL source term.

Released high molecular weight phthalate plasticizers are judged to be the primary LNAPL potentially generated.

Part 2 explains how scientists run into problems when they make assumptions about what happened .

An hourglass is a helpful analogy to explain how geologists calculate the ages of rocks.

Yet this view is based on a misunderstanding of how radiometric dating works.

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