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He also produces her channel, and their single video gets more than a million views in average.The relationship has also become a successful business partnership.If companies remain stuck in any of the first four stages, I don’t believe we will turn the tide on the environmental, social and ethical crises that we face. which are typically limited – are undertaken only if and when it can be shown that shareholder value will be protected as a result.Hence, employee volunteer programmes (which show evidence of improved staff motivation, commitment and productivity) are not uncommon, nor are expenditures (for example in pollution controls) which are seen to fend off regulation or avoid fines and penalties. Charitable CSR Charitable CSR in the Age of Philanthropy is where a company supports various social and environmental causes through donations and sponsorships, typically administered through a Foundation, Trust or Chairman’s Fund and aimed at empowering community groups or civil society organisations. Promotional CSR Promotional CSR in the Age of Misdirection is what happens when corporate sustainability and responsibility is seen mainly as a public relations opportunity to enhance the brand, image and reputation of the company.

Coca-Cola and water management), often through adherence to CSR codes and implementation of social and environmental management systems, which typically involve cycles of CSR policy development, goal and target setting, programme implementation, auditing and reporting. Systemic CSR Systemic CSR in the Age of Responsibility focuses its activities on identifying and tackling the root causes of our present unsustainability and irresponsibility, typically through innovating business models,revolutionising their processes, products and services and lobbying for progressive national and international policies.

She also has published the book named Nerdy Nummies Cook Book that featured on the list of New York Times bestseller on November 22, 2015.

She has an estimated net worth of million from her career in baking and acting.

She has earned a nomination and won several awards for her work on her channel along with a Shorty Awards and The Taste Awards. Her hand in acting includes a role of Violet in the animated You Tube series Broken Quest along with several small roles in Parks and Recreation, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation along with her participation in the reality show scream queens.

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After being influenced by her grandmother in baking and encouraged to join the You Tube by friends, she started making several nerdy themed goodies and posted on the channel named Nerdy Nummies.As per the wiki, Rosanna Pansino currently aged 32 was born on 8th June 1984 in Seattle, WA, U. Born to parents in a mixed family, she has one sibling, a younger sister named Molly.The multiple awards winning You Tube star belongs to mixed ethnicity consisting of Italian, Irish, German, Croatian heritage.Well, she is the owner of one of the most favorite baking channel on You Tube.