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03-Mar-2017 18:14

Scylla – you mentioned having trouble the other day. Thank you ALL for your contributions on Tuesday (and every other day…) They really are deeply appreciated. She will be on hand to clean the cam lenses from time to time. Pete 9/25/17 The at Starr Ranch tomorrow, Tuesday 9/26. Will likely start around 8AM PST and be out most of the day. Pete 9/1/17 First off, it’s been blistering hot here lately at Starr Ranch. There have been two juvenile Ravens around who have taken a shine to the compost and like to visit it often. I will also be reinstalling the watering hole cam because it is dry, dry, dry here and I’m seeing misc wildlife now even coming in to the drip that is always there. And while Gretchen, Jorge and I still need to fine-tune some stuff on the new cams for the cavity and PTZ I’m hoping to get them up soon.

Pete 10/20/17 A new VISITOR to the compost cam in the wee hours of today. Here is a clip of her doing an incredibly thorough job her first time out. Pete 9/12/17 Our power is back but I’m having a hard time getting the cams back up. Pete 6/22/17 After a long absence we finally caught a glimpse of Starr Buck on the trail cam. And here’s a Grey Fox “getting into” the scent station on trail cam during the day.

Well, at least lately the adults have been flying around calling like crazy so I suspect there are fledglings out.

In the meantime, some European Honeybees rediscovered the box and apparently are deciding to call it home again. Nonetheless, those of you who pledged will still get a chance to guess a species. Again, I’ll shortly be emailing the link to do this as well as other Birdathon followup.

One is always running and the other is a backup (which has been a life saver more than once – has kept the cams running with little interruption). Jorge and I are in the process of troubleshooting and I have a new, yet inexpensive, power supply ordered. So given that I’m uneasy about “driving around with no spare” I am ordering a new server that should be here in a few days.

Just mentioning that there’s a lot that goes into keeping these cams running, not the least of which is dealing with hardware maintenance, malfunctions and expense. Pete (scroll down for “egg updates”) 2/2/18 : Egg #1 January 21 at approximately pm Egg #2 January 23 at approximately pm Egg #3 January 25 at approximately pm Egg #4 January 28 at approximately am Egg #5 January 30 at approximately pm Egg #6 February 2 at approximately am If you’d like to see an egg being laid click HERE. Also, thanks go to Patti and Meg for organizing an “egg pledge”. If you already made a pledge, please click that link as well and re-enter your pledge. Nobody currently home, but they were coming and going last night. It’s pointed higher and more left than I think it needs to be.

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Just mentioning that there's a lot that goes into keeping these cams running, not the least of which is dealing with hardware maintenance, malfunctions and expense. Thanks. Pete scroll. 3/27/17 Barn Owl Banding Day Signup is now available. Lens may be a bit dirty, but I'll wait until they take off at night to clean. Pete.… continue reading »

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